Winter Warmth Community Grants Scheme

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Bradford District Community Fund is launching a Winter Warmth Community Grants Scheme. The funds have been made available by Public Health, Bradford Metropolitan District Council.  

The aim of the fund is to support a range of community-based projects that help and support people vulnerable to cold weather in the Bradford District that also encourage people to be neighbourly.

There are two levels of funding available:

  • If you do not have a formal constitution (for example Neighbourhood Watches) you can apply for a grant up to £250  
  • If you have a constitution you can apply for a grant of up to £2,500 

What the grants are to be used for:

We are looking to encourage neighbourly help for people who are vulnerable to the effects of cold weather. We are looking for new ideas that help reduce the levels of death, ill health and serious disease which can happen more in the winter months.  Further information on the type of people who might be vulnerable to cold weather is given below.

Vulnerable households include those with:

  • People aged over 75 years or who are frail, suffering from arthritis, limited mobility or otherwise at risk of falls or elderly people living on their own;
  • People with pre-existing cardiovascular or respiratory illnesses and other chronic medical conditions;
  • People with mental illness, dementia, learning difficulties;
  • Families with young children, living in deprived circumstances or poorly housed;
  • Homeless people or those sleeping rough; and
  • Families who are fuel poor (needing to spend more than 10% household income on heating their home);

Practical projects for grants of up to £250 might include:

  • A group of residents who want to help clearing neighbours’ paths of snow and ice (sometimes called snow wardens)
  • Organising a coffee morning or hot meals in a community facility during cold weather
  • Parent groups that want to organise events that will support children and families (e.g. clothing swap shops)
  • Activities for children and young people that help support healthy eating
  • Knitting circles, sewing clubs and other craft based activities
  • Local support including transporting people, activities that bring people that may become isolated in cold weather together etc.
  • Supporting neighbours who are vulnerable to bad weather to fit draft excluders and other minor energy saving measures
  • Other good ideas

Practical projects for grants up to £2,500 might include:

  • Introducing / extending a “buddying” scheme for local residents to help others in a period of severe weather – shopping, walking the dog or simply popping in with a hot drink;
  • Supporting households to cook and eat healthier food;
  • Delivering warm meals to households that are vulnerable to the cold weather;
  • Projects that encourage volunteering activities for young people that support vulnerable households in cold weather
  • Schemes aimed at families with young children to participate in physical activities and sports opportunities
  • Schemes that enable people vulnerable to cold weather to get to medical appointments in cold/adverse weather conditions;
  • Projects for frail or otherwise housebound people who are unable to get out safely in cold weather;
  • Facilitating volunteers to transport residents to places where they will spend time with friendly people in a warm environment;
  • Handyperson schemes that focus on improving insulation, reducing drafts etc;
  • Support for households in relation to simple energy saving measures.
  • Training for staff / volunteers to encourage neighbourly help;
  • Campaign or activities in a specific, local area to target vulnerable people i.e. distributing brochures, having information events; or
  • Other good ideas that can be demonstrated to benefit people who are vulnerable to cold weather.

If you have a good idea that you feel may not fit with the above please get in touch with Tony Sheeky 01274-433559

What we cannot fund

We are not able to fund the following:

  • We cannot make grants directly to statutory organisations or commercial entities
  • Capital Projects: buildings, refurbishment or vehicle purchase (but will fund general transport costs as part of your project)
  • Costs associated with a project which you are already undertaking and for which you have funding (although we will pay for extending / expanding a current project)

We can pay for extending a current scheme / project or introducing a new idea/activity/pilot. 

Funding and resourcing your project ideas

The WHHP (Warm Homes Healthy People) programme aims to maximise the support and resources available to groups to deliver against our winter warmth priorities.  One way we are doing this is wherever possible we will identify in-kind resources rather than cash.  A number of businesses and individuals in the District are making donations of goods and time to the Winter Warmth Campaign and we will have items and practical support at our disposal to distribute.  

Where possible therefore, projects will be resourced through a mix of cash, goods and volunteer time. 

If you need any specific items or require volunteer support then please list this in the project budget in the application form.

If your application is successful we may need to talk to you about the proportion of cash and /or other resources required for your project.

Links to the wider WHHP (Warm Homes Healthy People) programme

Successful projects will be expected to keep a record of the names and addresses of all participants.  Groups may also be sent information related to keeping warm in winter by other partners within the WHHP programme, including First Contact.  Groups will be expected to pass this information on to project beneficiaries where this will be useful to them. More information on this will be provided to successful applicants.

Who can Apply

You can apply for up to £250 funding if you are a:

  • Neighbourhood Watch, Street Rep, or other informal community group

You can apply for up to £2,500 funding if you are a:

  • Constituted voluntary or community group
  • Registered charity, company limited by guarantee or other recognised structure, including social enterprises

The beneficiaries of projects must be within the Bradford District.

Key dates

The project must take place between week commencing 9th December 2013 and the end of March 2014 - with all funding spent within this timeframe.

Applications submitted before Friday 29th November will receive notification of the decision of the small grants panel in the week commencing 9th December.  Any submissions made after this date will be considered but will be subject to any funds and resources remaining available after initial allocations.  Please visit the BDCF website for any updates.

How to apply

To apply for a grant go to:

Grants up to £250 complete the “Informal Grants form”
Grants up to £2,500 complete the “Small Grants form”

For further information about the application process contact: 0113-242 2426